Giant Lego Man: Washed Up in Brighton

An 8 foot tall Lego man, cheerfully dressed in a green tank top and bright red trousers, has been found on the beach in Brighton.
A Lego spokesperson (no, not the yellow plastic kind) said: "We're bemused. He has nothing to do with us." Which has not been enough to silence rumours of a half-term publicity stunt. The plastic bricks are well known for getting lost easily but 8 feet of them would at some point be noticed if it was dropped into the sea, as much as if it was lost down the back of the settee.
Other possible explanations are that he may have fell from a ship or arrived from the Dutch Lego theme park.
This case is not unique; in August 2007 a giant Lego man was seen arriving on a Dutch beach. Witnesses had stated that they saw him arrive from the direction of England.
A spokesperson from Brighton & Hove City Council stated that they had no problem letting him stay on the beach. However, I can imagine that the forthcoming Guy Fawke's night must be causing some anxiety.
The Lego man arrived without a passport or a job to go to, so you can read more about this story in to-day's Daily Mail.
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