Obamania for Obamabilia

The morning when Barack Obama's presidential election victory was announced I remarked to the first two people I spoke to that: "The way the news is being reported you'd think the whole world has changed over-night." Well, one person immediately respond with: "The world has changed; at least just a little bit." Only in recent days I have begun to agree with him.

On BBC Radio 4's (Home Service) children's programme Go 4 It, broadcast on Sunday, all the children knew about Obama and what was special about his forthcoming presidency. Young children from the USA were interviewed, articulately speaking about the US's first black president enthusiastically. There some expectations for Obama to fulfill especially from those who normally have little interest in traditional politics.

Even the toy market has been involved in the hype. Firebox have been selling a six inch tall Obama action figure. Although currently sold-out, Firebox are accepting pre-orders. The makers of Beanie Babies have produced dolls of the 44th President's daughters. Legoland California has built a model of the inauguration proceedings which is worth viewing, if not for real then try the Daily Telegraph website. 

So here's to hope and change, and the fulfilment of great expectations; whether it lasts or not.
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