Turned Fifty? Make Your Catwalk Debut

Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday in March and Mattel's PR machine is at full steam. No publication I've opened recently has seen itself too serious to mark this golden jubilee.

Whilst the world's largest annual toy fair takes place in New York, the same city is also host to New York Fashion Week and for the first time a Barbie fashion show has been put on involving lots of well known designers and fashion houses.

The famous doll has somewhat fallen out of favour with the current generation of little girls. So, cue some heavy marketing to the generation that loved Barbie.

As with most of the big fashion shows, the outfits on display won't be found in many wardrobes but if Mattel gets their marketing pitch right then there will be plenty of opportunities for other outfits and accessories designed for the mass market. A 1980s revival is certainly a fashionable trend that could be capitalised on and I personally can't help thinking that a certain late 1950s look is height of style and elegance.

Disney already have a successful line of Bridal dresses, based on its classic animations.

If you doubt me in thinking that Mattel is taking marketing Barbie to adults as a serious endeavor, then take a look at Mattel's House of Barbie, opening in Shanghai. This 38,000 square foot store will even include a trendy bar with resident DJ, where Barbies can get chatting to prospective Kens.
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