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monsters-vs-aliens-playset-robot-blows-apart-222x124Monsters Vs. Aliens is the latest animated movie released by Dreamworks, the makers of the popular Sherk series of films. The film looks like it will do well at both the box office and the toy shop.

There’s a wide variety of products available; in our investigations, we’ve been on the look-out for fun action toys.


There are currently six different figures from the range of Deluxe Action Figures:

  • B.O.B.
  • Dr. Cockroach
  • Ginormica (Susan)
  • The Missing Link
  • Gallaxhar
  • The Alien Clone Robot

Each figure is about six inches tall, which makes Ginormica seem a lot less ginormous when stood next to her contemporaries. However, the figures do look good and B.O.B is even supplied with some real green slime.


Available for around £10.00 from: Argos • Toys R Us • • • eBay

Monsters Vs. Aliens Deluxe 6″ Action Figure
By Vivid Imaginations

For ages 4 years and older


A smaller range of figures is available in four different combinations:

  • President Hathaway & B.O.B
  • Dr. Cockroah & Ginormica (Susan)
  • The Missing Link and General W.R. Monger
  • Alien Clone Robot & Gallaxhar

Again the scale of these mini-figures has been conveniently and quite necessarily ignored.


Available for around £6.00 from: Argos • Toys R Us • • • eBay

Monsters Vs. Aliens Mini 2 Packs
By Vivid Imaginations

For ages 4 years and older


A range of four play sets provide a fun way of recreating some of the best scenes from the movie.

  • Robot Blows Apart
  • Release B.O.B. from the Chamber
  • Drop the Bombs
  • Break the Ice

Figures and accessories are included in these sets.


Available for around £15.00 from: Toys R Us • •

Monsters Vs. Aliens Play Sets
By Vivid Imaginations

For ages 4 years and older


The Bendees figures set themselves apart from the other action figures with limbs that can – yes, you’re quite right – bend. There are six of these small figurines to collect:

  • Ginormica (Susan)
  • Dr. Cockroach
  • The Missing Link
  • President Hathaway
  • General W.R. Monger
  • Gallaxhar


Available from: Toys R Us • • eBay

Monster Vs. Aliens Bendees
By Vivid imaginations

For ages 4 years and older


No alien invasion I’ve ever seen in the cinema has failed to include some weaponry and this movie has various dangerous devices on display including ray guns. Pull the trigger on this replica ray gun, in all its 1950s B-movie style glory, and you’ll activate the pulsating lights and super sound effects.


Available from: Toys R Us

Monsters Vs. Aliens Ray Gun
By Vivid Imaginations

For ages 5 years and older | 3 x AAA batteries required


Other Monsters Vs. Aliens merchandise includes soft toys and video games.


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