What a Wuv-er-ly Baby

We've seen a lot of toys over the years at The Toy Detective Agency and in recent weeks I've received a few probing questions that, whilst in no way giving me a misty eyed sense of nostalgia, do take my mind back to the early-1990s when toys became my way of earning a living.

One such memory is that of a battery operated soft toy called Wuv Luvs. Available in various bright and pastel colours these strange looking creatures were blessed with the miracle of birth.

Playing with Wuv Luv for a while would eventually lead to Wuv Luv announcing: "Here comes baby." A kangaroo-like pouch would open to reveal an egg or, in the case of one in a dozen of the toys sold, two eggs.

Opening the eggs would reveal the babies that could interact with mummy Wuv Luv saying cute phases and by singing alternative lines of the song Isty Bitsy Spider and the ABC song.

Accessories included with the toy were a hair brush, some plastics flowers to provide the Wuv Luvs with something to eat and an all important key, which would allow you to make mummy give birth again.

"Scary" is a word often used to describe what were very popular soft toys. When you got the toy home you'd find that Wuv Luv gives birth to the sound of much whirring and clacking. There was also no volume control and Wuv Luvs speak loudly.

Wuv Luvs had a come-back in 2000 as Wuvvies.
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