More Heavy Metal Mayhem in Transformers 2

Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen will be released in Great Britain on 19th June 2009, with the North American release to follow on the 24th June.

From what I've seen in trailers, the locations and effects make this film look its $200 million budget. As for the story, however, I'll have to leave judgment until a proper cinema viewing.

The Toy and Video Games industries have enormous expectations for this film. Some toy stores were taking pre-orders for the new movie-based toy range. Toys R Us have 95 items available in its Transformers line-up. Of course, the toy buying public will never simply hand over currency at the industry's whim but Transformers do have proven form.

I visited Hamleys yesterday, long after Britney Spears and children had been and gone, to have a look around and found the well presented Transformers section, on the top-floor, fully stocked, devoid of customers and not looking like it had legions of fans and collectors carrying away all they could gather. However, I do suspect this toy range to provide the most popular movie-based toy range this year.

The Toy Detectives will cover and review Transformers but I left Hamleys empty-handed on this occasion. The shop-display person within me was feeling far too compelled to re-arrange the Barbie and Breyer stock. If I had given in to the urge, I've no doubt my free labour would been appreciated but it best to save one's efforts to paying gigs.
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