Help, Save This Un-listed Lego Building

This weekend will be the last opportunity to see the Lego house at Denbies Wine Estate - built for the, yet to be broadcast, television series James May's Toy Stories.

There were originally plans to move the house to Legoland Windsor, however, the theme park cannot budget for the estimated £50,000 cost to dismantle, transport and rebuild the house made from some 3 million Lego bricks.

So, as I write this, the house is condemned to demolition on Tuesday. It would be very sad to see the efforts of so many being dismantled forever and I'm not alone in thinking so. A Facebook group called Save the James May Lego House has been set-up along with some other blog and Twitter activity; in the hope that a generous individual or corporation would be able to support and host this unique building.

I hear you cry: "What a perfect abode for The Toy Detective, why not step in and partake in some property speculation." Alas, as with many, both real-life and fictional, consulting detectives, I reside in humble yet comfortable lodgings and have neither plot of land or liquid assets to venture in such an enterprise; you may also read that as: not having a pot to hold a piscine in; if you genuinely pardon my French.

A decision on the house's future will be made Monday lunchtime. If there is nowhere for the house to go to then dismantling will commence on Tuesday; with only the consolation being that all of the bricks will be donated to charities.

If you can, please join the Facebook group: Save the James May Lego House.
Send a Tweet to me @TheToyDetective or quote "James May Lego House" in a tweet.
You can also take a Top Gear blog photographic tour and read their own blog post.

If you'd like to see the house this weekend, the address and contact details are:

Denbies Wine Estate,
London Road,
Tel: 01306 876 616
Information: 01306 742 002

If you're traveling by car, it's on the A24, close to M25 and A3 from London. There are also plenty of trains to and from London, Reading, Guildford and Redhill throughout the day; Denbies is 15 minutes walk from Dorking station.

If you do get to go there, I wish you a good day and if I get to go there and you notice me - do stop me for a chat, be it about Lego, Daisy & Tom or Derren Brown.
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