The Lego House Lives On But Not as a House

A previous briefing from The Toy Detectives informed the world that the demolition of James May's Lego house started on Tuesday morning. I can now inform you that the bricks are to be transported to Legoland in Windsor after all.

However, rather than taking the form of a two-storey house, as was originally planned first, the bricks will be put on display as part of an exciting annual Lego brick building event. You could also describe the 3.2 million plastic bricks as a giant Lego set for the nation.

These Lego building events will raise funds and awareness for a nominated charity, with The National Autistic Society being the first to benefit early next year; full details are still to be announced.

Whilst this not the fitting retirement many wished for the Lego house, it leaves a legacy that that will hopefully be both fun and charitable for years to come.

The Lego house and other grand endeavours with some of the nation's favourite toys will feature in a new television series called: James May's Toy Stories. It will be broadcast on BBC2, with the first episode airing on the 29th October.

More and demolition photos at the Top Gear blog.
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