HU2 Vinyls - Designs that Stick

Wall stickers for decorating a child's bedroom are often much sought after by parents. They provide an excellent way to be a little bit creative without all the trouble and potentially unsatisfactory results of stenciling and other paint effects.

Also, when the design has been outgrown or gone out of fashion they can be peeled-off and forgotten about, without the need to redecorate the whole room or leave tell-tale traces behind.

Popular characters and colourful cartoon designs have been the usual form that wall stickers for childrens' bedroom have taken, however, HU2 produce a refreshing range of charming designs that can be chosen from a range of colours.

Hu2 vinyl stickers are can be applied to any smooth surface including walls, windows & furniture. The stickers are completely removable and leave no residue.

The HU2 range does not just include childrens' bedroom designs, there also stickers for the other rooms of the home, with themes including cocktail recipes, a Parisian skyline and guideline to fill a bath with the right amount of water for one or two people.

All the designs can be seen at:
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