3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal from Bright Minds


3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal from Bright Minds

Whether you call it football or soccer – the sport of Association Football has near universal appeal and, with the world’s best footballers playing in South Africa, interest will certainly remain high this summer.

Whilst jumpers for goalposts often suffice in an impromptu kick-about, just some of the airs and graces of the professional version of the sport help make the beautiful game a little more beautiful.

The 3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal from Brightminds.co.uk brings a little of the stadium experience to the back garden, beach or anywhere else you may wish to take this lightweight, portable goal. However, rather than being just a goal, this set also includes two hook-on sheets that provide training practice; particularly useful for when a child is playing on their own. One sheet is for target practice, while the other simply rebounds the ball away from the goal.

The goal needs to be assembled. Thankfully it’s fairly straightforward and no tools are required.

There are 12 short poles to be joined together with blue connectors and the net needs to be hooked onto a series of hangers; finally stake it into the ground with the metal pegs provided and then you’re ready for some regular footie fun.

The assembled goal measures 6 feet wide (183cm) x 4 feet 3 inches high (130cm) x 3 feet 2 inches (96cm) deep. An ideal size for children of primary school age.

To play target practice or to use it as a rebounder the appropriate sheet is hung on a series of hooks and an addition 2 poles are added to the bottom of the goal. Then the strings, that the hooks are attached to, need to be pulled tightly so that the ball can bounce back strongly.

Tightening the string does need a strong set of fingers that are best provided by a grown-up. 

The ball bounces strongly off a properly fitted rebounder sheet and will be a welcome change to hearing a football thudding and hammering against a wall or garage door.

The target practice sheet not only saves the argument of picking a goalie when everyone wants the glory of playing as striker but also provides an excellent training method for achieving the pinpoint accuracy needed to defeat goalkeepers. You can even practise penalty-taking on your own.

The 3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal is also supplied with a storage bag, a football and a pump with valve. Though light enough to be carried around with ease, these goalposts (made from UPVC) are strong and durable; without the risk of rust, often experience with metal goals. The supplied ball, made from plastic, has an 8 inch diameter which is smaller than a regular size 5 football but the perfect size for the target practise and young footballers. Traditionalists, that insist on only lace-up leather footballs, will be be pleased to know that the pump and valve will also help keep their own footballs correctly inflated.

The Toy Detective and irregular cadets of the Toy Detective Agency are finding themselves happily playing out much of the daylight hours with the 3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal. Often creating the kind of action and excitement that has been sadly lacking in the last couple of weeks from the stadia of South Africa.


The 3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal can even provide footie fun for one player. It’s sturdy, yet easy to carry and store. Plus it’s much more weather resistant than painted metal goals.

Features & Contents

  • 1 football goal with net, 6 feet wide by 4 feet 3 inches high
  • Ground pegs
  • Target shot practice net
  • Rebound trainer net
  • Football with pump
  • Storage bag
  • Made from durable, lightweight UPVC
Product Details & Specifications

Product name: 3 in 1 Rebounder Trainer Goal
Recommended age: 5 years and older
Minimum age: 3 years due to small parts
Battery requirements: n/a
Safety considerations: Frame should be securely pegged into soft ground. Do not allow
climbing or swinging on the frame.
Assembly requirements: Adult assembly required
Manufacturer/Supplier: Outdoor-Play / Bright Minds
Manufacturer/Supplier no.: JC-339A
Barcode (UPC/EAN): 5413501073391
Product dimensions: Length: 183cm Height: 130cm Depth: 96cm
Product weight:
Packaging dimensions:
Packaged item weight:
Country of origin: Taiwan
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