Moon Sand Ice Cream Sundae


Moon Sand Ice Cream Sundae

Wet sand is one of the most fun modelling materials that a child gets to use. However, it can be very messy: making it an activity that is best left at the beach or in the garden sand pit.

Thankfully, Moon Sand is a material that offers all the fun of sculpting with sand but without having to mix-up a mud-like substance to play with.

The Moon Sand Ice Cream Sundae set is one of a number of fun themes in the Moon Sand range. The kit includes 3 colours of Moon Sand and 5 moulds, which let you make wafer cones, split bananas, scoops of ice cream, “Mr. Whippy” style soft ice cream and cherries.

Moon Sand is a joy to play with. After a little squishing and squashing, to make it a bit softer after removing it from the packaging, the sand is ready to be moulded. There’s no need to add water to the sand; in fact water must be kept away from it. Treat the moulds as you would treat a sand bucket at the beach by compressing Moon Sand into it and then tip it over and tap it loose to reveal your moulded creation.

A decorated play mat is also provided as a working surface. It would be a bit hopeful to expect children to keep the sand within the confines of this mat but fortunately Moon Sand is easily picked by a vacuum cleaner and leaves no stains on fabrics.

Moon Sand never dries out, so it can always be re-used. However, to keep the original colours, you do need to keep the colours separate. Refills in sealable containers are available to buy separately.

Making sculptures without moulds is very challenging but still great fun with sometimes hilarious results.

The Verdict

WANTED: The Ice Cream Sundae set, like the other sets in the Moon Sand range, not only develops creativity and fine motor skills but also provide an exciting sensory experience. An excellent addition to the toy boxes of 3 to 6 year olds.

Moon Sand Ice Cream Sundae

By Spin Master

For ages 3 years and older

Features & Contents

  • Reusable material.
  • It never dries out.
  • 3 colours of Moon Sand.
  • 5 moulds.
  • Playmat.
  • Does not stain.
Product Details & Specifications

Product name: Moon Sand Ice Cream Sundae Activity Set
Recommended age: for 3 years and older
Minimum age: 3 years due to small parts and long cord
Battery requirements: n/a
Safety considerations: Not to be eaten or put in mouth.
Assembly requirements:
Manufacturer/Supplier: Spin Master Toys
Manufacturer/Supplier no.: #20031062
Barcode (UPC/EAN): 778988708910
Product dimensions:
Product weight:
Packaging dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 6.5cm
Packaged item weight: 840g
Country of origin: Sand made in Sweden. Made and assembled in China
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