Safety Notice: Cosatto Albany 3 in 1 Cot Bed

 [ Image : Cosatto Albany 3 in 1 cotbed: important safety notice ]

Cosatto have issued a safety notice regarding the importance of retaining and re-fitting the 2 pre-fitted security screws on the ALBANY 3 IN 1 Cot Bed.

When the cot bed is converted from a cot to a junior bed the 2 security screws need to be removed to allow each of the upper and lower bed end sections to separate.

However, if the junior bed is subsequently converted back to a cot – for a second child, for a friend or relative’s child, or any other reason – each of the security screws MUST be re-fitted.

[ Image : Cosatto Albany 3 in 1 Cot Bed (in 'nut and 'cream' colour options) ]

If the security screws are not re-fitted, then it is possible that a gap may form between the lower and upper cot bed end sections if the cot is moved or lifted for any reason. This could cause the possibility of injury to parent or child. It is also possible that, in some cases, partial disassembly of the drop side mechanism could occur, rendering the cot unsafe.

If the cot bed is converted to a sofa, as stated in the instructions, it is also important that each of the security screws is re-fitted.

[ Image : Cosatto Albany 3 in 1 Cotbed: addendum to instructions ]

Should you require any additional screw sets or need any further assistance, you can contact Cosatto by:-

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