Toys R Us (UK) Aurea Cot Bed Subject of a Safety Notice

 [ Image : Recalled Toys R Us Aurea Cot Bed ]

Toys R Us have issued a safety notice, warning that its Aurea Cot Beds. The company has received reports of the: “…top and bottom rails of the sides coming loose from the vertical bars”, and asks customers to call a helpline for advice on how to check the cot bed.

Customers should telephone: 01842 763 281 – lines are open Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 4.30 pm.

The Toys R Us stock code of the affect Aurea Cot Bed (dark oak colour) is: SKN 708399. The affected cot bed was also supplied in two nursery furniture packages: SKN 715646 Aurea Cot bed & Wardrobe and SKN 716170 Aurea Furniture Bundle (includes cot bed, wardrobe & dresser).

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