Henbrandt Bubble Magic Bottles Recalled Due to Excessive Levels of Bacteria


Recalled Henbrant Bubble Magic Bottles

Henbrandt, a supplier of toys and party goods, has recalled batches of 60ml “Bubble Magic” bubble mixture because of a microbiological risk if it is swallowed or comes into contact with skin.

Laboratory measurements showed that levels of bacterium and fungi in the bubble solution exceeded permitted levels; therefore the product does not comply with the Toys Safety Directive.

The Measured Values

  • 15000 cfu/ml of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (bacteria)
  • 15000 cfu/ml of Pseudomonas species (bacteria)
  • 1500 cfu/ml of yeast (fungus)

Note : cfu/ml is an abbreviation of colony forming units per millilitre.

The product’s type and model numbers are: PO414791 / R00038. The affected batch numbers are: 1079, 1080 and 1081.

If you have these Bubble Magic bubbles stop its use immediately and return it to the place you purchased them from for a full refund.

Supplier's Contact Details

Henbrandt Limited

5 Wentworth Road

Ransomes Europark


Suffolk IP3 9SW

Telephone : 01473 321 900

Website : www.henbrandt.co.uk

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