Seats, Deposits and a LEGO Minifigure Lost at the General Election


On May 7th many things were lost : seats, deposits and – depending upon your political persuasion – an election, however, the most devastating loss that occurred at the ballot box that day could have been a LEGO minifigure.

Master Carter Allen, aged four, had dutifully helped his mother take part in the democratic process by placing a completed ballot paper into the ballot box. Unfortunate, a unique figurine made from a hybrid of parts from sets based upon The LEGO Movie also inadvertently became part of the general election count after Master Allen’s grip loosened.

Realising this particular election deposit may never be returned, Carter’s mother immediately appealed to the polling station’s presiding officer. The presiding officer suggested placing a note in the ballot box in the hope that it would be noticed by the counters but warned that the toy figurine could be lost or even thrown-out while the count took place.

Luckily, for Master Allen, the minifigure was found but rather than carelessly entrust this precious cargo with the same messengers that deliver postal votes, Carter was summoned to Doncaster Council offices where the young man himself inspected a ballot box and found the humanoid creation he calls Star Wars Man.

Video evidence : Vine

Informer : The Week

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