Disney Store Recall Gadget Pencil Cases


Recalled Disney Store Gadget Pencil Cases

Disney Store has recalled its Gadget Pencil Cases because the two magnets used to close the lid of the product can become loose and pose a hazard to children if they are swallowed.

The affected pencil cases have designs featuring either Cars, Princesses, Star Wars Rebels, Marvel Avengers or Big Hero 6 . These products were sold exclusively at branches of the Disney Store since October 2014.

Swallowing multiple magnets can be very dangerous, it is possible they can join together in the intestinal tract, causing injury and requiring surgery to remove them. In December 2005 a 22- month old child died after ingesting multiple magnets from a Rose Art Magntix set (a company unrelated to the Disney Store).

If you have any of these Disney Store Gadget Pencil Cases you should take them away from children immediately and return these items to a Disney Store for a full refund.

You can also return the item free of charge by contacting the Disney Store’s Guest Service Centre by either telephone (0800 014 9648) or by email: service@disneystore.co.uk

Further evidence : recall notice on the Disney Store’s website

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