IKEA Recall LATTJO Tongue Drums and Drum Sticks due to Potential Choking Hazard


Recalled IKEA LATTJO Tongue Drums and Drum Sticks

IKEA has recalled its range of LATTJO drum sticks and LATTJO tongue drums. The rubber ball at the end of the drum sticks can become detached and pose a potential choking hazard to young children.

There have been six reports from IKEA store workers recording incidents where the rubber ball of the drum sticks have become detached or be unscrewed from the drumstick. While these toys are recommended foe children aged six years or older, a loose rubber ball can attract smaller children and could, in a worst case scenario, lead to choking.

No incidents resulting in injury or the need for medical attention have been reported. The products have been tested and approved to applicable toy safety standards, however, IKEA have found during its own investigation, that they have identified risks that these standards do not address.

LATTJO drum sticks and LATTJO tongue drum have been sold at all IKEA markets since 1st November 2015. If you have a LATTJO drum stick set or LATTJO tongue drum, you should return it to any IKEA store for a full refund. There is no need to present a receipt, nor any other proof of purchase, in order to receive a full refund.

For more information, visit IKEA’s website : www.IKEA.com/gb/en/ or telephone : 0203 645 0010.

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