Lammily Shapes-Up to Make Average Man Doll

Average Barbie could soon meet average Ken. The makers of crowdfunded Lammily doll are now raising money for for a male version.

Just as the original Lammily was based upon the average proportions of a 19 year-old woman, the new doll will have the proportions of an average 19 year-old man based on data from the University of Michigan.

So, like The Toy Detective, this chap gets his six-pack from the off-license, rather than the gym.

The crowdfunding campaign on Tilt seeks to raise $70,000 (£49,300) in order to get the first batch into production. Backers have the chance to pre-order an exclusive first edition of the doll, dress in a plaid check shirt, denim shorts and brown deck shoes.

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