Watch Out For Fakes When Shopping For Popular Toys and Fingerlings

Fake Fingerlings Toys Seized at Felixstowe 2

If you are doing some final Christmas shopping this weekend be weary of any counterfeit versions of some this year’s most wanted toys being hawked by unscrupulous trades.

Some products may look very much like the real deal but purchased there’s not just a risk of disappointment but real danger to children too.

Fingerlings is one such toy that has been a sell-out success in recent months which has only added to its likelihood of being mentioned to a letter to Santa.

The big red-clad bearded one has had some trouble making sure his elves have made enough so fakes been making their way to our shores.

Not only can a counterfeit product fail to meet the expectations of the real thing but in the case of fraudulent Fingerlings knife blades have been inside packaging and spots of blood have been found speckled on boxes.

If you cannot find Fingerlings at a retailer you trust in time for Christmas then it might just that Santa will be late delivering this product. There has been a recent shipment of the real finger thing landing ashore so Santa should be able to send a courier elf your way in just a few days after the Christmas holidays.

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