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In a board game where the aim is to accumulate as much wealth as possible, it is no surprise that a certain ruthlessness is deployed by Monopoly players.

In fact, underhand tactics and downright cheating may well be a common and possibly essential method of survival in this popular property trading game.

Hasbro, its publisher, recently undertook a survey of 2,000 of the game’s players and discovered that half admitted to cheating.


Hasbro Monopoly boardgame CheatBot app for smartphones

That is, admitted to taking extra money from the bank; admitted to taking a few more hotels and houses than they actually paid for; admitted to reading out something different to what was printed on a drawn community chest or chance card; or even admitted to moving their player token to a space that suited them, rather than what the dice roll instructed. No doubt, there are many more devious techniques employed by those that simply must win.

If you only want to take part in a properly regulated property market that is fair and equitable to all, then you can either give up playing the landlord game or download Hasbro’s Monopoly CheatBot on to your smartphone.

This app can be downloaded for free via Facebook Messenger, so you can send cheats to gaol.

Monopoly cheats go to jail

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