LEGO to Launch Powerpuff Girls Toys

Lego Powerpuff Girls minifigs

Lego has announced that it will release sets based on Powerpuff Girls. An animated show on Cartoon Network whose first series was broadcast 20 years ago.

Two sets will be available in August, Bubbles Playground Showdown (Lego model number 41287) and Mojo Jojo Strikes (41288)

There are minifigures of each of the girls with their characteristic large cartoon proportioned heads. Mojo Jojo and Princess Morbucks are also being made as minifigs and are pictured on the Brothers Brick website.

The forthcoming sets will not be the first time Powerpuff Girls toys will have be made on Lego production lines, they are already available as part of the Lego Dimension series of toys that interact with a video game available for a variety of games consoles.

Lego Powerpuff Girls - Buttercup minifig


Lego Power Puff Girls - Bubbles minifig


Lego Powerpuff Girls - Blossom minifig


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