Harrods Opens Bold New Toy Department

Harrods - pink room for dolls and fancy dress

Harrods has opened a new, boldly coloured toy department in its Knightbridge department store.

The new eight-roomed department is on the forth floor and replaces the old top floor Toy Kingdom.

Each room is painted floor to ceiling with a single colour, with shelves and fixtures made to match.

Harrods - a whole room of LEGO

A whole room dedicated to LEGO.

The space was designed by Farshid Moussavi Architecture, who have given the department an art gallery feel. It is the toys that draw attention, rather gimmicks that you cannot buy.

Toys to try still feature in the new department, with demonstrators showing-off Marvin’s Magic, remote control vehicles and light-up roller skates. Within the rooms, perspex cubes house displays of products, while a glass wall displays doll houses and porcelain tea sets.

Harrods - LEGO Ship in a Bottle and London Bus display

Assembled LEGO sets on display.

Harrods continues to offer its complimentary Toy Concierge service for those looking for an extra-special gift or expert advice from the store’s specially trained Toy Stylists.

Harrods - doll house and tea sets on display

Doll Houses displayed behind glass.

You’ll find many classic toy brands, such as, LEGO, Steiff, Jellycat and Brio. The latest toy themes are also stocked, including Jurassic World.

Harrods - Jurassic World toys by the big screen

Big screen releases get top of the bill treatment in Harrods.

Commenting on the new department, Annalise Fard, Director of Home, Technology, Toys and Beauty said: “The new space is the culmination of years of close conversations with our discerning customers and Mini Harrods member. This understanding of the consumer journey shaped the brief to both the Harrods buyers – who have sourced the very best in toys and games from around the globe centred on our three essential pillars: Educate, Entertain and Engage – and also to the incredibly talented design team at Farshid Moussavi, allowing them to create an environment which puts adults first, while also celebrating children’s love of toys.”

Harrods - Jurassic World volcano prop on display

Hot new take on balloon modelling.

Harrods - Steiff soft toys

Someone has a Steiff neck in the soft toy room.

Harrods - Mini-Tech area

Mini Tech area – ready for an upgrade.

Harrods - Harry Potter selection

For those still potty about Harry.

Harrods - Harry Potter display

And for those completely potty about Harry.

Harrods - Fantastic Beasts wands

The wand chooses the wizard.

Harrods - action figures in the green room

Lights, camera, action figures.

Harrods - Marvel action figures

Marvel at the comic book heroes.

Harrods - Incredibles 2 toys

Incredible, again.

Harrods - Toys now on the forth floor

Toys in Harrods, now on the forth floor.

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