Tobar Withdraws ‘Magic Poo’ and ‘Unicorn Magic Poo’ from Shops Due to Safety Concerns


Recalled Tobar Magic Unicorn Poo and Magic Poo in packaging

Toy supplier Tobar has removed batches of its popular putty, slime products because of
concerns over the levels of boron found.

Excessive exposure to boron can cause defects in the development of the reproductive system in
children which could lead to birth defects. In the short-term, excessive boron can cause vomiting
and diarrhea.

The affected products are Magic Poo (product number 18977, batch code K17) and Unicorn
Magic Poo (product number 27433, batch code K18).

These products were made in China and have been sold in a wide variety of outlets, including
Amazon and Claire’s Accessories.

Tobar has not issued a nationwide consumer recall because the company believes that the
product’s short shelf-life means that there is no risk to the public.

Instead the company is withdrawing unsold stock from retailers within the UK. State authorities
in Ireland have taken a different approach, where a consumer recall has been issued.

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