Chilling Colouring-In for Halloween

Halloween seems to always make me want to draw some rough sketches. This year I've given Yojojo from Waybuloo a set of fangs and a bat-like cape so he can enjoy some Trick or Treating. I've also been given as a present the cutest miniature Hello Kitty book that hangs off a keyring. Every page is illustrated with sweet drawings of the world's favourite kitten, including one with Hello Kitty dressed as a witch, flying in the sky on her broomstick. I've drawn my own version that's ready to be coloured-in.
Please do print, share and colour my hastily done, little drawings. You can also download the pictures as a PDF file by clicking here. I also have a little Halloween music playlist that users of might find a little entertaining, click this link to enjoy a little Sneaky Bat Machine, Emilie Autumn, Reaper und more.
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