Recall: IKEA BUSA Children’s Folding Tent

 [ Image : BUSA children's folding tent ]

IKEA has recalled its BUSA children’s folding tent due to the potential risk of lacerations.

The steel wire frame of the tent can break during use, this can cause sharp wire ends to protrude through the tent fabric, creating a risk of a laceration or puncture injury to a child playing with the tent.

There have been three reports worldwide of incidents where the wire frame has broken and protruded through the tent fabric. One such incident resulted in a minor injury.

The article number of the product in this recall is: 101-920-08 Anyone who has an affected BUSA children’s folding tent should immediately take it away from children and return it to an IKEA store for a full refund.

The BUSA children’s tent has been sold in IKEA stores since 30th June 2011.

For more information, visit website address: or contact IKEA Customer Service on 0845 358 3364.

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