LEGO Doctor Who and WALL-E Sets are the Latest Fan Designed Toys to go into Production


Fan designed Doctor Who Lego Set

LEGO has announced that two new construction toys – one based on Disney Pixar’s WALL-E character from the animated film, the other based on BBC television programme Doctor Who – will be released later this year.

The new sets were designed by LEGO enthusiasts that had submitted their ideas to the LEGO Ideas website. This website allows members to submit their own ideas for building sets and vote for projects designed by other users; if a set gains 10,000 votes, it is considered by the company for possible production as an official LEGO product.

Fan designed Wall-E Lego set

LEGO Ideas #011 WALL-E was designed by Angus MacLane, a Pixar animator and director who worked on the WALL-E film. Mr. MacLane created the model during the making of the film.

Fan designed Doctor Who Lego set image

LEGO Ideas #012 Doctor Who and Companions was designed by Andy Clark, a video games artist by profession. Mr. Clark’s submission had been under consideration, along-side another Doctor Who set, since 2014’s first batch of projects reaching over 10,000 votes was announced. Before then a number of Doctor Who themed projects were rejected because another toy manufacturer – The Character Group – had the license to produce such building toys, however, almost a year ago LEGO Ideas started to consider Doctor Who sets as the license has expired.

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