Amazing Model Announced as LEGO Ideas #013 Set

LEGO has announced the thirteenth model to be added to its Ideas range (formerly Cuusoo) of building kits designed and critiqued by plastic brick enthusiasts.

LEGO Ideas #013 Labyrinth Marble Maze was invented by Mr. Jason Alleman, a Canadian LEGO artist who rediscovered his former hobby when then company launched its robotic Mindstorms range. Mr. Allemann now builds : “… lifelike sculptures, mechanical models, and micro-scale spaceships and architecture models.”

Final details of this new construction toy have yet to be decided upon but it does appear to include a number of LEGO Technic pieces to replicate the all-important moving parts of the well-known ball and maze game.

Being made entirely from LEGO, this version of Labyrinth also has the advantage of being capable of being redesigned at the whim of its players.

The final design and price of this product will be released by LEGO later this year.

The company also mentioned that it is still considering the possibility of putting the F7A Hornet model, by a user called nosmigon, into production. All other models that received the required 10,000 votes or more to reach the review stage at this time were rejected.

However, a another batch of models are now under consideration, including one based on the popular U.S. situation comedy The Golden Girls.

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