LeapFrog Epic : New Child-Safe Android Tablet Computer


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LeapFrog has announced the forthcoming release of LeapFrog Epic, a new Android tablet computer that provides a safe way for children to enjoy popular games, educational apps and the internet.

John Barbour, CEO of LeapFrog, said : “We create tablets for parents that are looking for the perfect introduction to tablet play for their child, with the best safety features available today and access to a vast selection of our award-winning content that not only provides a breadth of entertainment, but delivers life-changing learning and development.

“The LeapFrog Epic tablet is age-appropriate right out of the box, but grows with a child. Children expect technology that’s more like their parents’ – sleeker and faster, whereas parents want technology that has been designed with kids in mind and safely delivers educational and development benefits, not just another TV screen. The LeapFrog Epic tablet is a perfect balance – a unique, full-featured kid’s tablet experience with the learning content and controls that parents can trust and all the play, creativity, and exploration children will love.”

To begin with, the LeapFrog Epic tablet provides a safe web browsing experience for children through its proprietary LeapSearch browser which only allows access to pre-selected, child-safe internet content from over 5,000 videos, images, websites and games all reviewed and approved by experts.

Parents can add new websites to the LeapSearch browser as they see fit; and parents can approve unrestricted web access when they feel their child is ready for it.

As well as controlling which type of websites are approved for browsing, parents can also control the amount of time spent using different app categories. Profiles for up to three children can be set, each with its own specific settings.

LeapFrog Epic uses an operating system based on Android 4.4, it boasts a quad-core processor, seven-inch multi-touch capacitive LCD screen, front and back cameras capable of recording video, 16 GB of memory and a quoted six plus hours of battery life.

Included with the tablet is a removable bumper and a stylus.

LeapFrog Epic - screen

LeapFrog Epic will be available to buy this September, the manufacturer suggests a US dollar retail price of $139.99.

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