Counterfeit Pie Face Games Withdrawn from B&M Bargains


Product withdrawal notice for Pie Game game in a B&M store

Counterfeit copies of popular children’s game Pie Face have been withdrawn from the shelves of all B&M Bargains stores.

An internal memo, issued on Monday, intructing its employees to destroy all copies of the game was leaked via social media and had some purchasers of the game concerned that there was a safety issue that might lead to a wider recall.

In one of many responses online to questions via Twitter about the decision to withdraw the game, B&M stated: “PieFace has been withdrawn from sale at the request of our supplier. There are no safety issues & has not been recalled.”

One response by B&M on Facebook stated: ”Pie Face has been withdrawn from further sale at the request of our supplier due to a licencing/branding issue. There are no safety issues and the product has not been recalled.”

Hasbro stated: “Hasbro has been made aware of counterfeit PIE FACE product available at B&M Bargains stores in the UK. These products have been withdrawn by B&M Bargains. This withdrawal does not affect the genuine Hasbro PIE FACE game, which continues to be available nationwide. We advise all consumers with concerns about counterfeit PIE FACE games purchased from B&M Bargains to contact B&M Bargains directly.”

Hasbro is the game’s supplier and the toy company also supplies many other toys and games to the chain of discount general stores. Earlier this year, Pie Face was distributed by Rocket Games. The counterfeit version seems to have copied Hasbro’s box design highly accurately, or the stock could be a so-called grey import from a distributor in another country that was not supposed to export this game beyond the territory it was licensed to distribute in.

During the weekend the game was heavily reduced in price to £4.99 from an original price of £14.99, despite the game’s popularity; some retailers charge £20, while a few eBay traders are listing the game at a price over £30.

Pie Face has been one of the most popular games this year, with stock regularly selling-out even before the toy industry’s peak Christmas shopping period began.

While B&M maintain that there is no safety issue with the withdrawn products, in previous instances where counterfeit goods have been intercepted and seized at UK ports, the prevention of potentially hazardous products being brought into homes is often cited as one of the more positive aspects of successful border seizures.

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