Nevaboard Hoverboards Recalled by Argos Due to Risk of Electrocution

 [ Image : Neva Board Recalled By Argos Due to Risk of Electrocution ]

Argos has recalled its entire stock of Nevaboard branded hoverboards because the supplied mains plug and transformer do not comply with required standards and pose a risk of electrocution.

The affected product was supplied by Debut Sports & Leisure Limited and sold exclusively by Argos, since early November, in the UK and Ireland at a sterling price of £299.99. The hoverboard’s Argos catalogue number is 455/7669 and was named online as the Nevaboard X Self Balancing Electric Balance Board.

In a recall notice, Argos stated: “You may be aware there have recently been reports of safety concerns involving hoverboards. We have conducted additional testing on all components of our NEVABOARD…

“As a result of these tests, we have identified a safety concern and have therefore taken the decision to recall the NEVABOARD…”

If you are in possession of a Nevaboard, you should stop its use immediately and return it along with all its component parts to an Argos store for a full refund. You do not need to provide a receipt nor any other proof of purchase.

Other retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis and Halfords have also withdrawn hoverboards from sale because of safety concerns.

Opportunities to use these motorised conveyances are limited after, the Crown Prosecution Service, in October, confirmed that it was illegal to use any such self-balancing scooters on either roads or pavement.

No hoverboard, balance board nor Segway has been approved to be licensed and registered for road use and in England and Wales; and it is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride or drive a vehicle on the pavement. In Scotland, section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 also prohibits the use of such transport on public footpaths.

The following telephone numbers can be used to contact Argos, if you have any further questions regarding this recall:-

UK : 0345 600 5388

Ireland : 0044345 6402020

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