Phthalates and Choking Risk Leads to Recall of Police Toys at Sam 99p Stores


Recalled Sam 99p Stores Police set toy

Sam 99p stores has recalled a toy dart and police accessory set because the darts and badge were found to contain excessive amounts of phthalates. An additional risk of choking is also of concern because the orange dart tips can be easily removed from the dart.

Phthalates is a term used to describe a range of chemicals used to make plastics flexible and also as a binding agent in other products, such as, cosmetics. Phthalates have been named in numerous health scares, young children and pregnant women are considered to be particularly venerable to their negative affects.

The Polizia Toy Set should be removed from children and returned to a Sam 99p store for a full refund. The set includes: a toy gun, darts, targets, hand cuffs and a badge. The product number of the affected item is TY-190772T.

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